MBISS GCh Curig FaerieTale Just Kissed ROM(C)

About Leia

D.O.B: April 24, 2014


Am GCh Martindale Black Bart ROM


Ch Curig FaerieTale Dusky Willow ROM(C)

Eyes Clear
vWD Carrier
Fluff Free
Hips OFA Fair

Leia reigns at Curig West

Leia's Pedigree

The Princess Leia is certainly living up to her name. We're looking forward to seeing if we can direct some of her princess nature into making her a great show dog some day! She beleives that she should be catered to at all times, and that the world realy does revolve around her. 

Leia attended 2 weekends of shows in the spring of 2015 and finished her Championship! She was awarded BOB from the classes over specials on 2 occassions as well as 3 Best Puppy In Group wins. She's proven that The Princess really CAN move... when she wants to! In 2016 Leia attended only a handful of shows and easily completed her GCh in strong competition. Leia had her first litter to GCh Curig FaerieTale Highland Heir in 2017 and the princess gene was passed down another generation with the "Disney Princess Litter". 

Special Wins:

  • 1st Open Female – PWCCA National Specialty 2018
    judge Vincent Saviolli (Aubrey) - USA
  • Best in Specialty – PWCA(C) National Specialty 2018
    judge Stephanie Hedgepath (Jimanie) - USA
  • Best in Specialty – PWCA(C) Alberta Specialty 2018
    judge Marilyn Van Vleit (Aurora) - USA
  • Select Bitch – PWCA(C) National Specialty 2016
    judge Kristen Francis (Stonecroft) - Canada
  • Best Opposite Sex – PWCA(C) Alberta Specialty 2016
    judge Ann Ingram - Ireland
  • Best Opposite in Puppy Sweeps – PWCA(C) Alberta Specialty 2014
    judge Trudy Taphorn (Tamaron) - AB
  • Best Baby Puppy – PWCA(C) Ont/Que Specialty 2014
    judge Yolanda Lininger (Linincorgi) - USA