Welcome to Curig & FaerieTale Pembroke Welsh Corgis!

We hope you enjoy our dogs as much as we do, but first a little history on our partnership. Barbara and Juliana du Pree (Curig) and Susan Neave (FaerieTale) fell in love with the Corgi breed many years ago.

Barbara du Pree - Curig

Barb immediately started showing and breeding these wonderful dogs together with her mother, the late Bernice Beilby in 1972. They achieved much success in the show ring and in producing lovely companion dogs, using combined blood lines from the United Kingdom, the United States, New Zealand, Australia and Canada. Barb has gone on to judge many specialty and all-breed Sweepstakes across North America, and was invited to judge Pembroke Welsh Corgis in Great Britain. She has recently obtained her CKC judging license for the Herding group including Pembrokes and Cardigans.

Susan Neave - FaerieTale

Having had several Corgis as part of her family since 1979, Susan had the good fortune to purchase one of Barb’s puppies in 1993 and was promptly introduced to the wonderful world of showing, performance and breeding. What started out as a mentoring relationship rapidly evolved into a wonderful friendship which endured and flourished over the years.

Juliana du Pree - Curig

Juliana was virtually born with a leash in her hand, and definitely inherited her mother and grandmother’s love of the breed. Despite a hiatus which Juliana took to pursue a career in ballet and later to complete her degree in Visual Communication Design, Juliana has subsequently jumped back into the Corgi world with enthusiasm, training, showing, and breeding from Western Canada since 2000.

Their love of the dogs and shared philosophy on breeding has allowed the partners to achieve success along many avenues of the Corgi world. Despite some geographical inequities (Barbara lives near Ottawa, Ontario, Susan is in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario and Juliana resides in Edmonton, Alberta) they maintain a small, quality breeding programme which relies on careful selection and genetic testing. While they participate in various performance disciplines (agility, tracking, herding & obedience), their primary focus is on showing at Corgi Specialties both in Canada and the U.S.